Important Info For All Students Enrolled Before 1 December 2022

About Our New Website


Last Update vor 2 Monaten

7 Things You Need To Know

1. We have launched our new website at

2. You can still access your lessons at 

3. Your login details won't work on our new website until you have joined it

4. You can look forward to a greatly improved learning and community experience on our new site

6. There are 3 Steps to join the new website:

STEP 1: Click here and follow the prompts

STEP 2: Email Lillian and let her know you have completed Step 1

email: [email protected]

STEP 3: You will receive an email with a link to set up your payments on our new website and once set up then we will cancel your payments on our old site and issue you any refund (if there's an overlap of time)

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